Celia F. Bracy Scholarship

A fundraising campaign for Bronx Community College

Remembering our Friend Celia Bracy


In her honor, The Celia Frances Bracy Scholarship at Bronx Community College has been established for second semester female students as they continue to embark on their journey to improve their life skills. 


Celia Bracy, known as CB to friends and Aunt Pookie to nieces and nephews had a remarkable zest for life.  She shared her love with all who had the pleasure to meet her. She was passionate about travel, fine food, theater and mentoring and did not hesitate to assist all who crossed her path; especially the many students who knew she was a trusted presence on campus.

But what Celia loved the most was being able to create beauty in motion.  She derived great pleasure from researching and planning life’s daily milestones: weddings, bridal and baby showers, sleepovers, office parties and her meticulously and professionally executed conferences.

Celia was a member of the Bronx Community College family for the past twelve years. During her tenure she worked for the campus CPE liaison, The Center for Sustainable Energy and Academic Affairs. Prior to her fulltime appointment at Bronx Community College, she worked for the SEEK program of The City College of New York.

In all her endeavors, Celia was purposefully passionate about young people trying to advance themselves and she made every effort to assist them in completing their goals.  She believed, to her core, that all who put in the work warranted a place at the proverbial table.

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