Celebrating Westchester Libraries Breakfast 2018

Libraries Transform: Libraries Lead with Guest Speaker: Nancy Silberkleit, Co-CEO Archie Comics Publications

A fundraising event for Westchester Library System

Event Information

The Celebrating Westchester Libraries Breakfast is part of a nationwide effort to recognize libraries during National Library Week April 8 - April 14.  Join us as we highlight the changing role of libraries, librarians and library workers.  Guest Speaker - Nancy Silberkleit,  Co-CEO, Archie Comics Publications. 

This year’s theme Libraries Lead further underscores the impact of libraries as community leaders. Libraries of all types are evolving to meet the needs of the communities they serve. Elected officials, small business owners, students and the public at large depend upon libraries and the resources they offer to address the needs of their communities. By providing such resources as e-books and technology classes, materials for English-language learners, programs for job seekers or a safe haven in times of crisis, libraries and librarians transform their communities.

Celebrating Westchester Libraries Breakfast attracts nearly 200 guests, including library patrons, library board members, County and State Government officials, corporate sponsors and library advocates to celebrate the value of libraries and the contribution they make to our communities.

About our Keynote Speaker:
Nancy Silberkleit, stepped into her role as Co-CEO of the company in 2009 with a vision that the comic book as a graphic novel is a valuable tool for developing literacy among first-time readers and instilling a love of reading for everyone. As a former public school educator, homemaker and mother, she knows the importance of learning to read and coined a personal motto that "Children+Comic Books=Reading, Knowledge and Confidence." She furthers her agenda of why comic books are needed in classrooms and libraries with her fervent belief that comic books can be used to engage a variety of learners, while promoting literacy and a love of reading. An art teacher for over 20 years, she has seen the power of comics to encourage literacy and creativity in children. "Reading Archie Comics for 30 minutes is what I like to call 'Archie Therapy,'" says Nancy Silberkleit, Co-CEO of Archie Comic Publications. "The light-hearted, humorous stories have appealed to readers for generations thanks to the talented writers and artists who make Archie a never-ending story."

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About the Organization

Westchester Library System

Westchester Library System (WLS) collaborates with the 38 libraries in Westchester County to provide access to resources and services and to enhance and support library service for the more than 940,000 residents. We are one of New York State’s 23 public library systems which were established in 1958 by State Education Law.