Caring for the Least of These

A fundraising campaign for The Live Greater Foundation

Care for Recently Reunited Migrant Families

A recent shift in Immigration policy has resulted in thousands of immigrant children separated from their families.

In a system not built to handle this massive influx of children, local community organizations become more vital than ever. The Humanitarian Respite Center in McAllen, TX is an organization with whom we have partnered to provide support. They organization exists to provide a place for the countless men, women, children, and infant refugees to rest, have a warm meal, a shower, and change into clean clothing as well as receive medicine and other supplies, before continuing onto their journey. On a typical day, they may serve 90 people. They are about to be inundated with traumatized, once separated families. 

Now, more than ever, meeting the basic needs of these refugees seeking asylum is vital as they begin the process to reunite with their children. By providing for the essentials, these refugees can focus their efforts on finding and then supporting the children they have been apart from too long.

The US Council of Bishops, as well as many other denominations and faith-based groups, have reminded us of our mission to care for the vulnerable among us. Funding will be used to support basic needs like diapers, children's Tylenol, bandages, and other needs. We also hope to fund small plush toys children can take to cuddle on their journey. Please stand with us and offer support to children who have survived the unimaginable. 

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The Live Greater Foundation

The Live Greater Foundation exists to encourage people to live lives of inspired service, caring for those in need within their family, community, and world. Inspired by Pope Francis' call to serve the poor and disenfranchised, we were founded in 2014. Through the Love Greater Project, we partner with organizations with critical needs in the USA and abroad, making it easy for schools, churches, scout troops, businesses, or other teams to participate in social change.