Cardinal Operation Hope and Help

A fundraising campaign for North Central College

Cardinal Operation Hope and Help was established to increase student success, both inside and outside the classroom, by providing emergency financial support for students with basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter,  transportation and educational supplies.

Our five pillars: food, clothing, shelter, transportation and educational supplies are the main areas we try to help students with when they are dealing with circumstances that lead to great financial duress, such as navigating a parent or family member undergoing an unexpected and expensive medical treatment; or health insurance concerns because of the job loss of a parent/guardian; or an abusive family situation that leads to early student independence. For some students, they simply may have no outside network for support.

These kinds of major life concerns have increased on college campuses across the country, as well as on North Central College’s campus, and often carry with them a significant financial burden.

Cardinal Operation Hope and Help is excited to be able to serve students in some of the most challenging and difficult times in their life and academic journey.

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