Camp PAWs

Promoting Appreciation of Wildlife!

A fundraising campaign for Wildlife Rescue League

Summer is half over and kids and adults alike are starting to get bored!   It 's time for Camp PAWs-Promoting Appreciation of Wildlife! 

Each week WRL will provide a link to one or more free activities that teaches children and adults about nature, our environment and, of course, local wildlife!  Show us how much fun you are all having by posting your family's creations and results on your Facebook and Instagram pages.  Be sure to tag WRL at  #CampPaws 

While kids are enjoying the last of summer vacation, rehabilitators are preparing to release as many of their "campers" as possible before fall.  Just as children must have certain inoculations, school books, and sports equipment, some wildlife needs pre-release treatments before venturing back out into the fields and woods.  They also need time to acclimate to the outdoors; many "camp" in pre-release caging that allows them to go out during the day but have a safe place to spend the night and eat dinner until they have located food sources and new homes. 

WRL supports rehabilitators who handle all aspects of the care and release of wildlife.  Won't you help by supporting us through Camp PAWs?

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