CalSAC's Empower Campaign

Investing in the adults that invest in youth


Something magical happens when we come together in community.

We learn, we struggle, we hear each other’s stories, we find our voice.  These connections have immense power.  They can spark a new mindset, drive collaboration and innovation and they can build a movement - all in service of young people, who deserve every good thing we’ve got to give.

Since 1982, CalSAC has been bringing out-of-school time (OST) programs and professionals together (like before school, afterschool and summer learning) to strengthen their skills, deepen their impact, and advocate for policies that benefit children and families.  In turn, these leaders are shaping the lives of tens of thousands of young people every day, helping them discover their passions, deepen their social-emotional learning and perform better in school. 

We invest in the adults that invest in youth.

Key CalSAC Programs in 2020

Leadership Development Institute (LDI) for Emerging Leaders of Color

Youth of color benefit greatly from having strong adults of color as role models and communities benefit immensely when the people who make decisions about funding and policies reflect the communities they serve.  LDI for Emerging Leaders of Color is an intensive yearlong program that equips emerging leaders of color with the leadership and management skills needed to advance their careers and the out-of-school time field.  Learn more.

Trainer Network

People who work in out-of-school time programs are hungry for the tools and resources they need to help all children succeed. CalSAC’s solution is a diverse array of ongoing free and low-cost training through our Trainer Network.  CalSAC trainers also benefit through intensive professional development, mentorship and in-the-field facilitation practice to prepare them to deliver training to OST programs and as they work toward becoming a Certified CalSAC Trainer.  Learn more.

Teens Advocating for Civic Action (TACA)

All great social movements have started with communities organizing around the issues most important to them. Through the TACA program, we’re investing in young people and their adult leaders—the leaders of today and tomorrow—with the skills and tools they need to create change in their communities.

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About the Organization

CalSAC (California School-Age Consortium)

CalSAC believes that every young person should have access to high-quality, affordable out-of-school time options like before school, afterschool, and summer enrichment programs. Every year, CalSAC trains and empowers thousands of adults who work in California’s out-of-school time programs to strengthen their skills, deepen their impact, and advocate for policies that benefit children and families.

In turn, these individuals shape the lives of tens of thousands of young people, helping them unlock their full potential. Through collaboration and innovation, our network creates ripple effects of opportunity, equity and transformation throughout California, both for professionals and the young people they serve.