Business Women Supporting Girls in S.T.E.A.M.

Celebrating the birth of Arzu Ozbek who uses her birthday to honor her passion to make positive impacts to empower young girls through the Girls STEAM Institute

A fundraising campaign for Girls S.T.E.A.M. Institute

Arzu Ozbek

As I prepare to celebrate my birthday this year, family and friends, I invite you to give me the most memorable gift!


We are privileged to have a lot of things in our lives which we don't always appreciate. For me, birthdays are great opportunity to celebrate life with you and appreciate all the good things that life offers us. I felt most privileged on my birthday by raising a total of $9,150 which helped education of underprivileged kids and provided educational opportunities for young women who need financial support. With your generosity and support, we can make a difference.


My purpose in life is  " Making a positive difference in other's lives and celebrating their uniqueness."  I invite you to join me this year in donating to the Girls S.T.E.A.M. Institute, a 501-C (3 ) created to help educate, mentor and inspire young girls ages 12-17 to explore innovative business ideas that can solve the world problems. We bring the experiences of women business owners from the science, technology, engineering, arts/athletics and math fields together with industry experts from across corporate America to support these young girl social entrepreneurs.

Under the previous name, Astra STEAM Summit, 5 separate events were held with 98 girls and their parents participating in a two-day conference format with representatives from Microsoft, Google, NASA, PG&E, Oracle, HP Enterprise offering their advice on upcoming trends as part of the educational experience. At each Summit, 4 teams of 5 girls developed a business idea and a digital app and pitched it to a panel of judges for cash awards. Over the 5 Summits, $40,000 was awarded to the girls' teams based on the commercial viability of their ideas. Another distinguishing feature of this program, is the requirement for the girls' parents to attend and be involved which has created experiences of transformation for both the parents and the girls. Parents and girls comment," they have more confidence and understand better the positive outcomes of building teams as part of valuable life skills."


If you join me in this donation, your donation will be matched by corporate donations, which means your contribution will be doubled.All of the funds will be donated to the Girls S.T.E.A.M. Institute,

As a sponsor, you will help us expand the reach of this program to young girls living in low income, rural areas to whom we can provide hope for their futures by mentoring them in ideas for creativity and innovation as social entrepreneurs. This will help foster more economic stability for women around the world.

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About the Organization

Girls S.T.E.A.M. Institute


The Girls S.T.E.A.M. Institute empowers young girls to see the unique capabilities they have and inspires them to explore and share their innovative ideas to help address the growing challenges facing our world today and beyond.

We celebrate diversity in gender, culture, ideas and creative solutions. We encourage team building, innovation, curiosity, and collaboration among parents, mentors and thought leaders who come together to enhance the abilities for girls to lead lives of substance that contribute to the betterment of the world.