Business Development Summer Intern

Help us Develop Social Impact Tracking and Organizational Sustainability

A fundraising campaign for The Freedom Cafe

(The quick ask for those who are looking for it: If you need no further introduction, please consider donating $50-$100 today to help us raise funds for a paid summer intern (and beyond)!)

Hello! The Freedom Café continues to grow, and expand on the vision set by our founders to raise awareness, empower action and financially support efforts to end human trafficking around the region and globe. 

To build greater capacity, sustainability, and tools to track and communicate our social impact, we have partnered with the UNH Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise to host a Summer Social Innovation Internship and plan to host a 40 hour/week business development intern from May 21-July25, 2018.

The two major themes of their internship will be:

  1. To help put in place major reporting and analyzing functions across the organization, to benefit both our Donors and Café Guest AND our Staff and Volunteers as they work on (and drink to!) the mission.

    This will mean pretty graphs and reports that keep YOU in the know about how we're doing, and what you can continue to do to help! (It will also mean the other important stuff like stronger financial accountability, building capacity to take on larger grants and donations, and more effective communications and actions to support our mission)

  2. To create a regularly administered Impact Analysis survey that is statistically significant, with an eye towards possible Academic publication.

This summer's intern will work closely with Board Members and other volunteers to achieve everything laid out here in our internship posting. (More on the "Why?" and "What?" of the two themes above explained below the break!)

To support this project, we are inviting our friends, founders, and alumni to invest in The Freedom Café internship program,. The Freedom Café has already had great success hosting UNH internships in areas of communications, women's studies and community leadership. These opportunities create space for students to develop important job skills while also improving the reach and effectiveness of our programs. 

Please consider donating $50-$100 to support our 2018 summer internship and our ongoing internship efforts. 

Thank you,

Bryan Bessette, Sean Matthews, and The Freedom Café board.

Impact Analysis Survey

From the moment we first heard about the Freedom Cafe from our friends at Amherst, MA, we fell in love with not just the model (where by the simple act of drinking sustainably sourced Coffee and Tea, we'd help fund efforts to combat human trafficking) but the potential for creating an outsized impact on our behaviours and the behaviours of friends, family, and strangers alike.

As a founding community, we were frustrated with the high ideals and aspirations we all discussed regularly and desperately wanted to achieve, but couldn't find ways to make an impact.

So, when the Cafe concept came around, we thought of it as more than just a feel-good idea, but a radical way to influence the minds and behaviors of our local community and future leaders. The hypthosesis has always been this: By providing a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and high quality beverages and events, we could introduce truly difficult topics to wrestle with, and start nudging people in a direction that impacted their daily spending, consuming, donating, and working habits. 

We believe fully in creating a more just and peaceful world, and doing so sustainably so that the changes we desire can last for generations to come.

We believed that our model would help create a greater lasting effect on the economy, our workplaces, and our world than if we had otherwise run a set of activist programs and events and little else.
Time to put that hypothesis to the test.

Our survey will focus on 3-4 subsets of people:

  • Past and Current Volunteers (Alumni)
  • Past and Current Cafe Guests
  • People who have never heard about the Freedom Cafe

About the Organization

The Freedom Cafe of Durham is a non-profit specialty café dedicated to ending human trafficking and the commercial exploitation of all people. The café provides a collaborative space that invites the local community to take action toward a traffick-free world. Through presentations, discussion groups and community events, we seek to educate local citizens about the complexities of the issue and its root causes, the actions necessary for preventing it, and ways to support reputable organizations working to bring about a world where all people are free.