Annual Appeal:Building Relationships & Opportunity

Learning by Doing...Youth becoming Adults

A fundraising campaign for The Learning Web

The Learning Web recipe:

Begin with the knowledge that young people:

·         want to belong,

·         want to contribute, and

·         want to feel valued.

Mix those wishes with generous portions of opportunities

Add support from caring adults—Learning Web staff and adult mentors at workplaces in our community, and finally . . . celebrate transformations like those described by recent Learning Web participants:


“I feel more grown up, more mature, and more independent.”

--Sasha age 14

“I was doing something meaningful. They weren’t just doing me a favor and letting me watch. They gave me a lot of responsibility. I felt like I was really a part of something”

--Brad, age 16

“I discovered that I like helping people. I used to say that I hate people. It turns out I don’t.”

--Tanya, age 15

“I passed, I passed, now I feel like a real man!!”

--Cal, age 18

Whether working with youth like Sasha, Brad, and Tanya who are attending school and living at home, or homeless youth like Cal who have no adult support, The Learning Web offers opportunities tailored to every youth’s interests and needs.


Our Youth Exploration and Youth Outreach programs provide activities and supports that enable youth to develop a sense of connection, take pride in making a contribution, and build the competencies necessary for successfully negotiating the transition to adulthood.


For many of the youth and parents touched by The Learning Web over its 45-year history, dreams were transformed into reality. Working with community adults, who generously shared their time and workplaces, the program has made a difference in the lives of the many young people.

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About the Organization

Young people—adolescents and young adults—are The Learning Web’s reason for being. Assisting them on their journey to adulthood is our mission. Our program foundation is the community-based, mentor-apprentice/ hands-on learning experience — a model that connects young people with adults, sparks a passion, helps youth learn life skills and envision a rich future; all helping youth evolve into engaged citizens who value themselves and their community.