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 For more than 100 years, the West Side Rowing Club has been run largely through the efforts of volunteers committed to the mission of advancing the physical, mental, and moral well-being of the youth of the Western New York area through education, training, instruction, and participation in the sport of rowing. 

West Side breeds success. WSRC has produced over 20 Olympic Athletes, with scores others competing at the Elite World Championships, Pan-American Games, and Junior World Championships. Crews rowing out of West Side have won for hundreds of New York State Championship, National Championship and Royal Canadian Henley medals.


West Side presents opportunity. WSRC athletes receive hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in scholarships to Division I, II, and III collegiate teams across the country. 

West Side changes lives. Through rowing, WSRC enriches the lives of athletes--from the physically handicapped, to high school novices, to elite National Team members. 

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About the Organization

West Side Rowing Club, Inc.

ROWING: Building Cooperation and Leadership

West Side Rowing Club’s mission is dedicated to the physical and mental well-being of youth through participation in the ART of rowing. Rowing is a full body conditioning, safe, low impact, and team building sport for people of all ages. Young rowers learn positive lifetime habits of physical activity, cooperation and leadership.

West Side Rowing Club began in 1912; in 1921, it was the FIRST rowing club in the country to sponsor public schools.


West Side Rowing Club creates Olympic athletes. Since the 1992 Olympics, there has been a West Side rower on the team. In Rio 2016, Emily Reagan was "bow" in the Women's 8, which won the GOLD medal. The team was coached by Tom Tehaar, who also rowed out of West Side Rowing Club.

West Side rowers were first part of the Olympics in 1936.

Rowing offers the highest percentage of college athletic scholarships, with 55.5% of female college rowers and 17.5% of male college rowers receiving an athletic scholarship.

Rowing is not a sport offered through...

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