F.R.O.M. the Bronx - BCC Athletics Fund

A fundraising campaign for Bronx Community College

Dear alumni and friends of Bronx Athletics,

Now more than ever, your interest in Bronx Community College Athletics is not only invigorating but welcomed, as we are always glad to add friends and alumni to our inner circle. We are proud to launch F.R.O.M. the Bronx, which serves the needs of our student-athletes in unique ways beyond a traditional athletics booster club.

Fund Raising and Opportunities for More for (F.R.O.M.) the Bronx is distinct not only in its impact on our athletes but in its involvement of Bronx Athletics alumni. Our goal is not only to add additional revenue, support teams’ budgets, locate funds for major one-time purchases, and provide non-budgeted endeavors for our programs. What makes F.R.O.M. the Bronx unique is our emphasis on providing job and 
networking opportunities for alumni to our Broncos and friends of Bronx Athletics in the workforce. Though some alumni may not yet be in a position to give back financially, so many of our Athletics alumni, both locally and afar, are eager to connect with their fellow Broncos personally and professionally, an opportunity F.R.O.M. the Bronx provides.

Bronx Athletics welcomes you as an Athletics alumnus, as a new friend of the program, or as a Bronco reconnecting to our department. We value your time in reconnecting, efforts staying connected with alumni in your field, and you remaining a valued relationship to our program. Your impact financially and/or personally on our students and alumni is extremely appreciated, and I look forward to our bright future supporting Bronx Athletics.

Best regards,

Ryan McCarthy
Director of Athletics 

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