Bridge the Gaps

Help bridge the gaps in cancer detection! Your money stays local and helps firefighters and their families with preventative screening.

A fundraising campaign for Brent Lewis Bridges Foundation

Who was Brent?

Brent Bridges (7/4/1986-7/11/2015) was a firefighter taken too early in a battle with colorectal cancer. He was one of a rare breed who turn and run to trouble when it happens. His passion was protecting property and saving lives. Brent stories, both serious and humorous, are numerous around the fire departments in the Bulverde Spring Branch, Blanco, and Canyon Lake region. If you were in an automobile accident on US 281 North between SH 46 and  FM 306 from 2010-2014, there is a 30% chance that Brent is the one who pulled you out of the vehicle.

Care for the Caregivers

Brent spoke often of the Brotherhood, paid respect to fellow firefighters, and personally mentored others in the service. In the seven months of his battle with cancer, without exception Brent paid value to those who provided his care – by asking about their career, their choice to serve others, and thanking them for what they did for him. For those reasons, we continue his heritage. You can help care for the caregivers by giving to support the Foundation. Your money stays local and helps firefighters and their families with preventative screenings and resources in the battle with cancer.

Give to keep Brent's vision going

But if nothing else, you have to take care of yourself - take the 525 Challenge:

See the Doc! See your personal physician for an annual physical.

Check your blood! Include lab/blood work with your physical.

Screen for Cancer! Get age appropriate cancer checks for those men’s cancers – prostate, kidney, testicular, and colon.

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About the Organization

Brent Lewis Bridges Foundation

Formed to support and assist firefighters in early detection of cancer, the Foundation also provides assistance to firefighters and their families in the battle with cancer. Brent Bridges was a firefighter, both volunteer and paid, in the region north of San Antonio, including Bulverde, Spring Branch, Blanco, and Canyon Lake. He was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in December of 2014 and passed away one week after his 29th birthday in July of 2015.