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A fundraising campaign for Annie's Angels Memorial Fund, Inc.

Hi we are the Christmas Family. In March of 2007 we welcomed our son, Brayden Cole Christmas into the world. His name means brave warrior. He was born with severe hydrocephalus, adducted thumbs, club feet, nystagmus in both eyes- which he now wears glasses for- and muscle spasticity. He was then diagnosed with L1 syndrome which is a rare genetic disorder. He has undergone over 17 surgeries in his ten years. Six of those surgeries were in the first six months. He now wears braces on both feet. He is primarily g-tube fed. He is non-verbal, has a shunt and baclofen pump for muscle spactity and he does not walk, but thankfully that’s not everything.

Brayden is a very social young boy. He loves his school and his church. He really loves being read to, playing Hide and Go Seek, loves anything that spins and playing basketball. He signs some words and uses a communication device. He loves to watch and learn from his sister & friends and he can never give out enough hugs. His wheelchair is something he loves, its security for him and he's done very well maneuvering himself around. He has been growing so fast he keeps outgrowing some of his medical equipment like his stander and gait trainer. He has so many medical limitations but thankfully he does not let that hold him back.

The Brayden Christmas fund will allow us to keep giving him opportunities to live and enjoy life to the full. Hopefully one day you can meet Brayden for yourself and get one of his famous hugs. As his parents we are so proud of his determination and happy spirit. When we are out and about shopping or running errands, he will see a person with their head down and he just wheels right over, sticks his arms out and gives them a hug! He has made their day! He has touched so many lives with his smile and affection! This is who Brayden is and there’s so much more that he’ll be able to do with the right help and equipment but also so many more lives he will be able to impact.

Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughtful contribution. 

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Annie's Angels Memorial Fund, Inc.

Annie’s Angels Memorial Fund, Inc. is dedicated to helping families struggling through a life threatening disease, illness or disability connecting neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend and business to business in a caring fundraising network.

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