Bosshardt's 50 Days of Giving

A fundraising event for Community Foundation of North Central Florida

Event Information

2020 has been a rough year for all of us, which makes it more important than ever for us to end the year by giving back to the organizations that support our Gainesville community. 

We will feature 50 local nonprofit organizations and donate a minimum of $50 to each. We encourage you to join us and spread cheer during the last 50 days of the year.

50 Days of Giving Schedule 

Day 1 : Thursday, November 12th featuring Food4Kids Backpack Program of North Florida

Day 2 : Friday, November 13th featuring The Humane Society of North Central Florida

Day 3 : Saturday, November 14th featuring Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute 

Day 4 : Sunday, November 15th featuring Pace Center for Girls Alachua 

Day 5 : Monday, November 16th featuring Milton Lewis Young Marines Gainesville Unit  

Day 6 : Tuesday, November 17th featuring Catholic Charities Gainesville

Day 7 : Wednesday, November 18th featuring Xtraordinary Joy, Inc

Day 8 : Thursday, November 19th featuring We Are Neutral 

Day 9 : Friday, November 20th featuring PALS   

Day 10 : Saturday, November 21st featuring Working Food

Day 11 : Sunday, November 22nd featuring Ja'Niyah Irving Youth Foundation  

Day 12 : Monday, November 23rd featuring SWAG Family Resource Center

Day 13 : Tuesday, November 24th featuring Dance Alive

Day 14 : Wednesday, November 25th featuring Foster Florida  

Day 15 : Thursday, November 26th featuring National Wild Turkey Federation- Gator Gobblers 

Day 16 : Friday, November 27th featuring Gainesville Girls Rock

Day 17 : Saturday, November 28th featuring Dream on Purpose

Day 18 : Sunday, November 29th featuring Kings of the Springs

Day 19 : Monday, November 30th featuring Created Gainesville

Day 20 : Tuesday, December 1st featuring March for Our Freedom

Day 21 : Wednesday, December 2nd featuring Santa Fe Teaching Zoo

Day 22 : Thursday, December 3rd featuring Special Angels Fund

Day 23 : Friday, December 4th featuring Conservation Florida 

Day 24 : Saturday, December 5th featuring Southeastern Guide Dogs

Day 25 : Sunday, December 6th featuring Haven Hospice

Day 26 : Monday, December 7th featuring Florida Trail Association

Day 27 : Tuesday, December 8th featuring Girls Place 

Day 28 : Wednesday, December 9th featuring United Way of North Central Florida

Day 29 : Thursday, December 10th featuring Butterfly Blossom

Day 30 : Friday, December 11th featuring AHHHHA

Day 31 : Saturday, December 12th featuring Grow Hub 

Day 32 : Sunday, December 13th featuring Faithful Friends Pet Rescue

Day 33 : Monday, December 14th featuring K9s for Warriors

Day 34 : Tuesday, December 15th featuring Repurpose Project

Day 35 : Wednesday, December 16th featuring Rebuilding Together

Day 36 : Thursday, December 17th featuring K9s for St. Francis House

Day 37 : Friday, December 18th featuring Aces in Motion

Day 38 : Saturday, December 19th featuring Ronald McDonald House 

Day 39 : Sunday, December 20th featuring Lubee Bat Conservancy

Day 40 : Monday, December 21st featuring Bread of the Mighty Food Bank

Day 41 : Tuesday, December 22nd featuring Horses Helping People

Day 42 : Wednesday, December 23rd featuring Keep Alachua County Beautiful

Day 43 : Thursday, December 24th featuring Children's Home Society

Day 44 : Friday, December 25th featuring Florida Springs Council

Day 45 : Saturday, December 26th featuring Operation Catnip

Day 46 : Sunday, December 27th featuring GRACE Marketplace

Day 47 : Monday, December 28th featuring Frazier Outreach Foundation

Day 48 : Tuesday, December 29th featuring Peaceful Paths

Day 49 : Wednesday, December 30th featuring Junior League of Gainesville

Day 50 : Thursday, December 31st featuring K9s for Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary

Thank you for joining us in supporting our community! Please check back weekly to see which local nonprofits we will be hosting next! 

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