Bond Fees for Joel

Joel, a 37-year-old bisexual man from Jamaica who is currently detained is in need of your help to cover the cost of his bond hearing.

Joel is a 37-year-old bisexual man from Jamaica who, after years of persecution as a non-heteronomative person, relocated to the United States in April 2016. Shortly after his arrival, Joel was detained and remains in a detention center for nearly two years, fighting for asylum. 

Recently, he was granted a bond (bail) hearing for the first time but is in urgent need of raising $8,000 to be released. 

Joel does not have any family or friends in the U.S. to support him which is why the Queer Detainee Empowerment Project (QDEP) is here to help him win his way to freedom and will continue to stand with him until his release. 

As a result of recent bad Supreme Court decisions towards immigration detention centers, it is urgent that we raise Joel's bond because many of those legal changes could affect Joel's case. 

Please help us help Joel win his freedom needed to fight his asylum case from outside of the detention center, and also grant him the freedom to live as an openly bisexual man for the first time in his life. 

All donations are greatly appreciated!

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About the Organization

Queer Detainee Empowerment Project - a project of CTA

The Queer Detainee Empowerment Project (QDEP) is a fiscally sponsored project of the Center for Transformative Action, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by governing laws.

The Queer Detainee Empowerment Project assists people who are coming out of immigration detention in securing structural, health/wellness, educational, legal, and emotional support and services. We work to organize around the structural barriers and state violence that LGBTQI detainee/undocumented people face related to their immigration status, race, sexuality, and gender expression/ identity.

We are committed to assisting individuals in building lives outside of detention, to breaking down the barriers that prevent folks from building fulfilling and strong lives, and to keeping queer families together by demanding an end to deportations/ detention/ policing. We believe in creating a narrative of thriving, not just surviving.

Our Mission

The Queer Detainee Empowerment Project (QDEP) is a collective Alternative to Detention (ATD), detention...

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