Blood sugar level, checked!

Maintaining a normal blood sugar level is vital to live a healthy life. Everyone needs to be aware of their levels, especially Diabetics.

A fundraising campaign for Family Health Partnership Clinic

Patients who come to the clinic are unable to afford medical care.  Therefore, in addition to their checkups, they also rely on the clinic for their labs and medications. 

When a patient has a chronic disease such as Diabetes, it is imperative that they keep current on what their blood sugar level is.  They must use lancets, test strips, and a glucometer in order to test their blood sugar level. 

If patients are unable to afford these items, they will not test their level which creates a life or death situation, depending on how high or low their blood sugar gets. 

Please help someone checks their blood sugar level today by ensuring they have the necessary supplies (lancet, test strips, and glucometer) to check it. 

Your donation of $23.46 will give them these supplies that their life depends on.  

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