Support BJM Elementary Teachers & Students

Along with closing schools, COVID-19 has brought uncertainty about future school funding. Please considering donating so we can support our students & teachers!

A fundraising campaign for Beverly J. Martin Elementary School

COVID-19 has closed the doors of Beverly J. Martin Elementary, and caused a lot of uncertainty for families and our school. It has also canceled all of our school events, including the annual Millicent Clarke-Maynard Multicultural Dinner, which is always our largest community event and fundraiser. 

As we continue to stay home and slow the spread of COVID-19, we are hoping to raise funds to support the BJM community during this time & into the future.  

Whether it's to provide unique classroom supplies during an unprecedented time, to support families through financial hardship, or to host a welcome back community gathering when we can return to school, BJM Families Together wants to be ready to help and continue to strengthen our community. 

Anticipating future needs:

We are also preparing for future budget challenges in the school. During his April 20 address, Governor Cuomo stated that without Federal assistance, state funding to schools could see a 20% cut due to the costs associated with battling COVID-19.

Our families and teacher resources are already maxed out. A cut to school funding would be devastating to BJM. 

  • Over 70% of BJM's student population qualifies for free or reduced lunch
  • Teachers and staff often chip in to cover the costs of classroom supplies, snacks, and field trip costs, spending hundreds of dollars of their own money
  • A BJM Families Together fund can help offset budget shortages and challenges in the future

Through this campaign, we hope to create a sustainable fund that can be used for classroom expenses, families in need, community events, and more. Let's come out of this crisis stronger than ever. 

Please donate what you can. Every little bit helps, and we are so grateful for your generosity!

About BJM:

Beverly J. Martin Elementary School is a vibrant downtown community school dedicated to creating deep thinkers. Named in honor of Ms. Beverly J. Martin, the school fosters a love for learning and values education as a human right. Together, students, staff and families focus on continued growth and change, and work to deepen our understanding of all cultures. This campaign is organized by BJM Families Together, a group of parents, teachers, staff, and family members working together to support the BJM Elementary School community. Donations will benefit the Beverly J. Martin Elementary PTA. 

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