BJM Bookfest 2019 - Give Each Child a New Book!

Your donation will make sure each BJM scholar can take home a new book of their choice from our Bookfest on May 2, 2019!

A fundraising campaign for Beverly J. Martin Elementary School

As a child, did you have the excitement of choosing your very own new book at a school event packed with super-fun, hands-on activities exploring the wonders of reading diverse books? Is that an experience you wish you had? 

That is the gift we will give to every scholar at Beverly J. Martin Elementary School in Ithaca, NY, at our 2019 Bookfest on May 2nd

We are hoping to provide our students with a diverse selection of high-quality, brand new books. This year, we are also inviting an author, Ty Allan Jackson (author info) to talk to BJM kids about reading and writing. He will be working with some classes to have children help him with revisions to his latest manuscript, so they will be deeply involved in his writing process. To make it possible for a BJM scholar to take home a Ty Allan Jackson book or any new book of his/her choosing, we need your help! 

A donation of $7 gives the gift of a new book to a child. A donation of $112 provides new books to a whole classroom, and $400 will buy books for a whole grade level! 

A donation of any amount will help pave the way for a lifelong love for reading. 

Thank you so much! 

BJM Bookfest Committee

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