Donations in memory of William G. Munselle (Bill)

Family Promise is an organization that is dear to our hearts.

Judy Munselle reached out to Family Promise and asked us to create a way for family and friends to donate to our shelter in honor of her late husband, 
William G. Munselle (Bill).
You can donate securely through this page and your information will not be shared in any way.
Thank you,
The Family Promise team

[This is the only software Family Promise has available to accept credit card donations.

There is no fundraising goal, as shown on the software template.]

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About the Organization

Family Promise of Gainesville, Florida, Inc.

Through the collaborations of local faith communities, Family Promise of Gainesville provides homeless children and their families with compassionate care that includes case management, education, housing, meals and transportation until they can transition to a home of their own.