Becky Owen

A fundraising campaign for Horizons National

Inspire. Build. Transform.

I believe in Horizons… because it works! 

Join me!  I will match all donations up to $2,500

I recently joined the Horizons National Board of Directors, and I can’t think of a better, more impactful way to make a positive difference in the lives of less-advantaged children, their families, and their communities. Horizons programs are successfully closing achievement and opportunity gaps for more than 5,000 students in 52 different programs across the country.  

Horizons isn’t a one-time intervention; students and teachers stay with Horizons for years, building long-term relationships that nurture each student. Through Horizons, less-advantaged children are thriving as they discover a world of new possibilities – like graduating from high school, going to college, and starting a career.

And it’s the generosity of supporters like you that makes this possible. I am thankful for every one of you for helping kids find a brighter tomorrow! 

This Horizons Giving Day, please join me!

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About the Organization

HORIZONS NATIONAL is a non-profit that believes all children should have the opportunity to realize their potential.

But today, students from low-income households are six times more likely to drop out of high school and fewer than one third will enroll in college; without educational opportunity, there is no economic mobility.

For students from low-income families, HORIZONS provides proven, high-quality academic and enrichment programs, from pre-K through high school.

By connecting with a long-term, stable community of teachers and peers, HORIZONS students improve their reading and math skills, learn to swim, gain confidence, and 97% graduate from high school on time.

Each new HORIZONS program we open, dedicated to closing gaps in achievement and opportunity, creates a better future for the students, families, and communities we serve.