BCT Scholarship Fund 2018-19

"“BCT helps young people find their bravest and their most courageous voices in this life.” -Sara Bareilles

A fundraising campaign for BCT Brooklyn Children's Theatre

We’re almost to our goal for the year! We raised $430K at our first gala and have $90K still to go - help us get there by June!

Since July, we have given 66 scholarships to children in family shelters, and 102 scholarships to children in low-income households. We are likely to double this reach by June. 500 more children will get the opportunity to take BCT classes for free in our school-based programs.

Brooklyn Children’s Theatre brings together children from diverse backgrounds to learn and grow through the collaborative art of musical theatre.

We have seen the importance of positive adult influences and structural support for our OASIS students in particular. Often their lives are filled with turmoil and disruptions. At BCT, they have a home where their presence and ideas matter. And they get to have fun while singing and acting with children their own age.

Upon hearing some good news about the success of one of our Oasis students, another Oasis parent wrote in:

 "So many times when children feel they are given up on, they give up themselves.

Many Oasis kids are surrounded by negative things. This is something they may grow accustomed to. They may never make it out of that type of environment because it is normal to them. The chance to go to BCT is such a blessing. They will get to see and experience things they most likely would never have been exposed to. They get to be in a positive environment where people are kind and believe in them and encourage them. That can make all the difference in their futures.”


Thank you so much for supporting our mission to bring children from diverse backgrounds together to learn and grow through musical theatre!

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About the Organization

BCT Brooklyn Children's Theatre

Brooklyn Children’s Theatre (BCT) is an after school musical theatre program, serving over 1000 children in Brooklyn.
We believe that theatre should be for all children, not just for those that can afford it.
Original musicals are written by professional artists to cater to the needs of every child, ensuring a fulfilling experience where all of our kids can grow as artists and as people.
This year, we are producing 32 musical productions that will be seen by 7,000 audience members.
So far this season, 56 scholarships are going to children living in family shelters. Another 100 scholarships are going to low-income children, enabling all of our children to work together and grow through their experience of acting in a musical theatre production.