Fill Each New Beginning with Hope

Create new beginnings full of hope for hundreds of families at Blind Children's Learning Center today.

You are supporting new beginnings every day at Blind Children’s Learning Center. Each one is unique, but families often share the same emotions shortly before their arrival: hopelessness, fear, and confusion. “Maddie was missing all her milestones. What services would she need?” remembers her mom, Michelle. “Has anyone else gone through this? What are all these acronyms? Who can help us?”

Other parents like Chris recall neighborhood kids developing so much faster than his daughter, Sabrina. “It felt so unfair.”

Swirling emotions began for Kristin well before she learned of her son’s visual impairment. While pregnant, genetic testing confirmed Charlie shared the same rare diagnosis that proved fatal to her late brother. “Oddly, I felt hopeful because at least I had a diagnosis and treatment options.” That was before Charlie flatlined for 30 minutes during surgery and brought Kristin to her knees. “The ensuing damage left Charlie with a visual impairment and needs much greater than we had planned.”

Every child and family face different circumstances, but you can help them find the same thing at BCLC – hope for a brighter future. 

Relief washed over Kristin when BCLC specialists sat down and listened to her articulate Charlie’s needs before developing a care plan. “Other places didn’t give me the chance to share that. I went from being terrified he would be left behind, to knowing Charlie would be included in everything.” With an action plan in place, Charlie, Sabrina, and Maddie could each begin a journey of their own towards a happier tomorrow:

  • At 23 months of age, Charlie’s development is advancing after enrolling in his toddler classroom and speech therapy in August. Kristin remarks, “He finally said, ‘Mama’, three weeks into class. He’s more joyful on school days.”
  • Sabrina began early intervention services in February at 10-months. From in-person services, to virtual services, and then back to on-site learning, she has leaped forward every step of the way. Parents Chris and Claudia share, “Sabrina is processing more visually, reaching for and grasping objects with more accuracy, and making friends. We feel like we hit the jackpot.”
  • Maddie, age 5, has received services at BCLC since she was a toddler. She learned the entire Braille alphabet during quarantine, but what her mom celebrates most is, “Maddie is comfortable with who she is. She understands her limitations but has learned to focus on what she can do. When possible, she loves to help her friends.” 

Please send a gift today for the hundreds of families who need you at the beginning of their journey.

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