BCC COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

A fundraising campaign for Bronx Community College

The COVID-19 crisis is having a devastating impact on the students of Bronx Community College (BCC).


While pursuing higher education, they already face the enormous challenges of

financial need (thousands come from households earning under $15,000 a year),

family responsibilities (many are raising children or helping their parents and siblings)

and social inequity.


Now the pandemic has shut down the jobs that many need to meet those challenges while also studying at BCC. The struggle to juggle their future aspirations for a degree with their current requirements for food and rent and health is thus more desperate than ever.


Don’t let the coronavirus be the final straw that sabotages the education of these quiet heroes of BCC.


The BCC Foundation is giving students the resources for academic success during this national emergency. With your help, we can provide:


  • Emergency aid to students with lost income
  • Laptops and smartphone data plans — a necessity now that BCC classes are taught online through distance learning
  • Scholarships to keep students enrolled


Join the BCC Foundation’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Effort. Now more than ever, you can help transform the lives of our students by making sure they can still secure higher education during these challenging times. They are the leaders of tomorrow. Help them show the world what can be achieved through the power of perseverance.


Contact Us

BCC is currently operating remotely from off-site locations, so your check donations cannot be accepted or processed at this time. But you can still contribute to the success of our students with online donations charged to your credit or debit cards.


For questions and inquiries, please email us at: bccfoundation@bcc.cuny.edu

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