"Bale" Oscar out of Jail

Oh No! Oscar is stuck in JAIL! Help us "Bale" him out!

A fundraising campaign for Whispers Of Hope Horse Farm

Whispers of Hope Horse Farm is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with a 100% volunteer staff. It is a facility designed to assist physically and mentally challenged individuals through therapeutic riding at no cost. Whispers of Hope Horse Farm’s goal is to provide a safe, educational and therapeutic environment for the horse and rider in a Christian based atmosphere.

Founder and Executive Director Mary Elizabeth Pearce donated the use of the acreage at her farm and has committed herself to making the facility a successful ministry for the riders, their families, and the many volunteers.

Horseback riding provides challenges as well as rewards. Riders are encouraged to expand the limits of their abilities in an environment that promotes success. What a blessing it is to see individuals with disabilities ride a horse. They sit tall in the saddle and their smiles light the arena. Their spirit is truly alive. All youth who reside in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma are eligible to participate in the program.

We invite you out to our farm September 13, 2018 from 9am-6pm to visit Oscar in Jail and while you are here you will be able to make a donation!

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