Baldwin Cafe

A fundraising campaign for UpDayton

2019 UpDayton Summit Winner: Baldwin Café

By Leroy Bean & Mariah Johnson

Focus on the “underground” artist-creatives and people of color in this city is essential to creating a strong culture amid rapid redevelopment.

Baldwin Café serves the community in a holistic way as a third space between, work school and home. The black-owned bookstore is a common meeting place with new and used books, African American Literature, and a cafe with tea, vegan and vegetarian options.

UpDayton volunteers are supporting efforts to create a temporary pilot store at McKinley United Methodist Church while building the brand and business model.

With your support, we can make progress on creating a space with intentional culture to the fabric of our city that may otherwise be a missed opportunity. Funding will help cover the initial startup costs such as books, furniture and marketing.

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