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The devastating murder of George Floyd propels us, yet again, into another historic moment, this time framed within the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. While Black Americans are overwhelmed by the disproportionate human losses and impact of COVID-19 within our communities, we are once again confronted by another senseless and racist murder, preceded by the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Rana Zoe Mungin, Breonna Tayler, and so many others. We find ourselves in the eye of a storm that lays bare the 400-year old conundrum of what it means to be Black on American soil. Our story, as a people, is one rooted in our ever-evolving and complex journey towards freedom.

And this narrative continues to be written as protestors take to the streets of Minneapolis, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Chicago and cities across this nation rightfully demanding that Black Americans experience the same freedoms as others. Black Americans have historically borne the weight of this fight for 400 years. It is time for our struggle to be shared by all those who believe in justice. 

The Billie Holiday Theatre remains anchored in revolution and justice with you. As it has been for the last 48 years, our North Star remains our complex and ever-evolving narrative towards freedom.

We must pass a better world on to the next generation. The time has come to stand together. The time for justice is now.

Stay safe, stay strong, stay inspired. 

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The Billie Holiday Theatre

The Obie and AUDELCO Award-winning Billie Holiday Theatre is a state-of-the-art creative campus located in the heart of Bedford Stuyvesant, home to the largest African American community in the nation and recently named one of the 40 Coolest Neighborhoods in the World by Time Out Magazine. A thriving cultural anchor to the Black community since its inception in 1972, The Billie is one of the last remaining theaters forged in the aesthetic and sociocultural kiln of America’s Civil Rights/Black Arts Movement. Today, The Billie stands as a beacon for world-class art rooted in social justice, and the only multi-platform performing arts center with a presenting, institutional residency, and education program led by, for, accountable to and near people of African descent in New York City. For close to half a century, The Billie has elevated and promoted the critical voices of Black artists, and the stories of the complex journey toward freedom for people of African descent, a journey that is far from over. Indeed, as our community struggles amidst two converging pandemics: COVID-19...

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