Send our wildlife back to school with plenty of supplies!

A fundraising campaign for Wildlife Rescue League

FINALLY!  It’s back to school for everyone!  Many of our feathered and furry Wildlife friends are also going back to ‘Rescue School’ during the fall months. This year you can join them through the WRL Back 2 School for Wildlife! fundraiser and help them graduate back into the wild!

After another record-breaking season of wildlife rescues and rehabilitations, it’s time to replenish rehabilitator “school” supplies so they can keep teaching and caring for these injured animals.   School supplies for wildlife include things like tubing, syringes, caging, bedding, cleaning supplies as well as food, formula, and medications. 

You can help by enrolling in one of our wildlife schools!

A weekly SPIRIT meter will show amounts raised by individuals and schools to see how close we are to reaching our goal of $15,000. 

The “student” who raises the most donations will have the opportunity to attend, in-person, the graduation (live release) of a rehabilitated raptor and will receive a signed copy of the photography book “Wild Washington”.



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