The CUNY ASRC Community Sensor Lab

A fundraising campaign for The Graduate Center

In support of the Advanced Science Research Center’s Community Sensor Lab, which trains youth across NYC in building do-it-yourself environmental sensors.

Our crowdfunding goal is to raise $5,000, with 100% of funds going toward operating the 2022 Community Sensor Lab summer research program.

The Community Sensor Lab is an education outreach program, part of the Advanced Science Research Center at the Graduate Center CUNY.
Environmental sensing is crucial for communities that have been historically marginalized and which typically bear the brunt of climate change. The Community Sensor Lab places the power of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) environmental sensing technology in the hands of youth and community members to collect data for local environmental advocacy, while learning STEM skills in the process.
Equally important, CUNY undergraduate and NYC high school students are equipped to teach the use of DIY electronics and sensors that measure air, water and soil quality as platforms to strengthen environmental advocacy and promote renewable energy. An additional bonus - - participating youth learn about training and educational opportunities in technical, academic and environmental fields.
In 2021, students assembled a total of 15 environmental sensors and completed air quality and flood research in their communities, including virtual and on-site workshops in Red Hook, Far Rockaway and Harlem.
In 2022, and with the help of your contributions, the Lab will develop a new suite of soil sensors, create an open-access data portal and reach even more neighborhoods and students throughout NYC.
Learn more about our program here.

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