Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue would like to introduce you to Ashley!

Ashley is a miniature horse born in 1996. She came to live at Lucky Orphans in 2013, with her entire family! (Her daughter: Denise, and 3 other minis)

Ashley and her family came from Pawling, when their owner's children didn't want them anymore, and weren't spending the necessary time with them.

When the mini herd arrived, they kicked, reared and refused to be caught. Ashley, has always been the most nervous, fleeing as quickly as she can, and rearing up in disagreement to any handling.

Today, Ashley is one of our beloved therapy ponies and sees human children suffering from grief from a loss of a parent, or sexual trauma. She may run away from her adult handlers, and rear up at the farrier or vet, but she loves her human children and tries to help them overcome all their traumas.

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