Young students feel stress too! We are teaching Mindfulness and Yoga as a way to support health and wellness in students everyday!!!

Yoga & Mindfuless

Teaching students how to calm and focus their bodies and minds in any situation through easy breathing and simple Yoga poses in a supportive environment.

Learning this life long, valuable skill encourages their health and wellness and allows them to create positive energy and a sense of balance.

Our hope is to build a positiveĀ self image, increase body strength and flexibilty and learn how to integrate mindfulness and yoga so they can feel happier and healthier.

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About the Organization

BJM Enrichment Program, Inc. (ACADEMIC PLUS)

BJM Enrichment Program, Inc., also known as Academic Plus, is an extended day after school program, has been in operation at BJM Elementary School since 2000. We want to increase offering our outstanding programs to all children most of whom fall into the free or reduced lunch category. (We currently have expanded available spaces in those categories)
Program offers experiential learning in STEM, foreign languages, health and wellness, literacy, homework support, technology and much more to children of all abilities in k-5 grades. We have a strong collaboration with Cornell University, Ithaca College, SUNY Cortland, TC3 volunteers throughout the school year as well as community volunteers. .
We believe every child deserves a chance to reach their dreams.