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December 4th, 2017

Dear Friends of Chicago Area Project (CAP),

We write to ask you for a donation to support our positive youth development programs in some of our city’s most disadvantaged communities. Since 1934 Chicago Area Project (CAP) continues to address the ever-increasing challenges youth in impoverished communities face, including escalating violence, limited job opportunities, poor performing schools, and limited resources for after school programming. CAP, has been fortunate to have supporters like you, who know the value of this organization and the services it provides to our constituency.

Your donation provides hope and opportunity to the youth and communities we serve. Through CAP programs, hundreds of youth and their families find employment and begin careers every year. Our after-school enrichment programs, computer literacy, diversion, media projects, community leadership, mentoring, tutoring and more promote youth leadership, resilience and positively impact youth and community development. We have helped thousands of youth lay the building blocks for averting violence, delinquency and substance abuse.

You can make a difference in the lives of the youth and families CAP serves by making your donation today. Chicago Area Project greatly appreciates your support.


David Whittaker

Executive Director

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About the Organization

The Chicago Area Project (CAP) is a, not-for-profit organization with a distinguished history and demonstrable track record of over 75 years of work in delinquency prevention and service in disadvantaged urban neighborhoods. The original mission of CAP has not changed since its inception:To work toward the prevention and eradication of juvenile delinquency through the development and support of affiliated local community self-help efforts in communities where the need is greatest.

Chicago Area Project (CAP) was founded in the 1930's by Clifford Shaw, a University of Chicago sociologist, who believed every neighborhood could reduce juvenile delinquency by improving community life.
Our original mission has not changed since that founding. CAP's long history of community building has demonstrated that low-income residents are as capable as others in addressing critical neighborhood issues. CAP believes that community problems cannot be solved by bringing in outside agencies to "fix" local problems such as delinquency, gang violence, substance abuse, and unemployment. Chicago Area...

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