Amy Watkins Scholarship Fund

In honor of her commitment to social justice on the 20th anniversary of her tragic death.

A fundraising campaign for Hunter College

A Vision of Hope and Justice

Our friend and colleague Amy Watkins was tragically murdered on March 8, 1999. This year marks the 20th anniversary of her death. Amy dedicated her life to social justice and community building; she was passionate in her work to combat broader social ills of poverty, violence, discrimination, and deteriorating communities. Help us honor Amy's belief that community organizing has the strength to transform people and create more equitable societies.

Amy Watkins Scholarship Fund

Fellow students at the Hunter College School of Social Work established the Amy Watkins Scholarship Fund as a tribute to Amy’s life and to the ideas she believed in as a social worker. The Amy Watkins Scholarship Fund supports future community organizers in their pursuit of social justice through need-based scholarships to the Hunter College School of Social Work.

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