ALFS - Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Award

A fundraising campaign for Bronx Community College

Scholarship: The Leadership and Emotional Intelligence


The Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Award founded by Dr. Barbara Flores-Caballero, Assistant Professor in the Education and Academic Literacy Department at Bronx Community College is open for students in the Latino, Latina or LatinX community continuing to pursue their Bachelor’s Degree studies. They are seeking to recognize a student who demonstrates emotional intelligence (ability to identify and manage your emotions while also recognizing others) and the willingness to serve, influence and motivate others to lead by example. 


The Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Scholarship’s emphasis is to bring awareness that in order to be a successful and advantageous professional you need to have the necessary tools, strategies and techniques of emotional intelligence to achieve your dreams.


This scholarship will grant the student the opportunity to continue on developing their leadership and emotional intelligence skills with the aim that they can make a difference as a future Latino/a or LatinX leader in any field of study they seek.

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