Frequently we are asked what can I do to help urban debate? The last two years have highlighted the need to invest in debate programming as we transition from a virtual debate world to hybrid and in-person opportunities.

If you talk to a debater you hear one thing over and over: no part of their education had a larger impact on them than debate. The COVID-19 pandemic upended how we experience debate along with everything else and we had to ensure this transformative activity could remain accessible and authentic in a virtual space. 

At the National Association for Urban Debate Leagues, we've spent almost two full school years adapting academic debate, student celebrations and collaboration to virtual spaces to ensure our community could stay active and connected. Students have persisted in these ever changing hybrid structure, and we've been in awe of their patience and tenacity as they've navigated a new platform for the old art of debating. 

We've launched new programs like our virtual White & Case NAUDL Fellows program and our virtual public debate series, I RESOLVE. We've redesigned our national championship for a virtual space and worked with college partners to reimagine the traditional college fair.  As we cautiously look toward a future where we can begin working with our leagues to transition back to in-person programs, we are excited to apply what we've learned from two of our most challenging years. This transition to debate as the pandemic recedes will require resources to succeed. Please join us on this national day of giving by contributing to our on-going virtual programs and to our future in-person programs as we move forward. Your donation will help strengthen the voices of the upcoming generation. Affirm tomorrow.

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