ACT Now Fund

Alexandrians are known for their generosity. Now is the time for all of us to come together to support those who are unfairly impacted by the shutdown.

A fundraising campaign for ACT: Alexandria Resilience Fund

We are all concerned for our neighbors who are negatively impacted by the partial Federal Government shutdown. As the weeks go on, the hardship on families intensifies. Many already on the financial edge may be pushed into crisis. The demand for emergency food, rent, utility, and child care assistance as well as mental health services is growing.

You can help by donating to the ACT Now Fund.

We established the ACT Now Fund to provide emergency funding to nonprofits that are delivering the critical services and programs that are needed by Alexandrians right now.

ACT has set aside $25,000 for the fund and we are reaching out to our network of donors and supporters and YOU to partner with us.

"I applaud the creation of the ACT Now Fund, which will provide much needed relief to federal workers and contractors at a time when Washington’s dysfunction has failed them,” said Senator Mark Warner. “Since its founding in 2004, vulnerable communities in Alexandria have been able to count on ACT when they need it the most—and this shutdown no exception.”

The spirit of collective action is core to Alexandria. Now is the time for all of us to come together to support those in need to contribute to the vitality of our community. Will you join us in making a donation to the ACT Now Fund? Please know a donation of any size will make a big difference!

About the ACT Now Fund

The ACT Now Fund was created to respond to the needs of nonprofit organizations providing critical services to Alexandrians in response to a significant community crisis, in this case, the partial Federal Government Shutdown. ACT recognizes that nonprofit organizations responding to this unanticipated crisis are seeing an increase in the demand for services and need financial support to address these expected needs. The ACT Now Fund will provide emergency grant funding to help meet short-term unanticipated essential needs affecting community members such as emergency financial assistance, housing assistance, food and medical/health assistance, child care assistance, among others.

About the Need in Alexandria

According to the Metropolitan Council of Governments, 4.3% of the federal workforce lives in Alexandria. Thousands more federal contract workers, as well as those who provide support services to federal workers, are experiencing permanent loss of income or temporary lay-offs. Even if the shutdown ends tomorrow, due to the lag in timing for the next paycheck or the depletion of savings, many workers will struggle to meet basic household needs. As nonprofit organizations respond, they may become financially vulnerable themselves as they scramble to cover the cost of expanding their services.

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