Together We Can "Fix" CNY

Support a new CNY low-cost, high volume spay/neuter clinic.

A fundraising campaign for Animal Alliance of Greater Syracuse

The BIG problem

  • Tens of thousands of cats and dogs in Onondaga County are not spayed or neutered, leading to massive homelessness and high euthanasia rates.


  • The cost of spay/neuter surgeries has skyrocketed over the past few years making what was already difficult, nearly impossible for many to have their pet fixed.  These costs along with basic wellness costs are causing animals to be abandoned every day, right here in our community. Shelters and rescues are overflowing and there are not enough fosters available to help them.  Now, these abandoned pets that are unsterilized are now adding to the already large overpopulation of unwanted pets on our streets.


  • With a shortage of veterinarians and medical support staff, the backlog for appointments to have your pet fixed can be 3-4 months, leaving your pet at risk of an unwanted pregnancy.


  • Residents of low-income status are finding it impossible to afford the basic care of their pets, let alone being able to have them fixed.  

Animal Alliance of Greater Syracuse (AAGS) has been working diligently to raise funds for a new low-cost, high-volume spay and neuter clinic for Central New York.  Numerous fundraisers have been held like:

  • ongoing, year-round bottle donations
  • bi-annual shoe drives
  • "Drag for Pets" an evening of entertainment
  • vendor events with AAGS merchandise available for purchase

Of course, there has also been the traditional outreach for donations in AAGS newsletters, mass mailings, Giving Tuesday and the amazing Staffworks Save a Life campaign.  

Because of YOUR support, AAGS has been able to raise approximately $225,000 towards a new clinic.  This is an amazing amount of money, and it couldn't have happened without YOU.  

While $225K is a lot of money, it will take even more to get this clinic off the ground and running.  A location will need to be either purchased or leased.  Specialized equipment for a surgical center, kennels, office furniture and computers and computer software are just some of the items that will need to be purchased.  In addition, funds will need to be available to staff the clinic.  

AAGS will be applying for grants and reaching out to local businesses and local government, but it's the people in the community, YOU, that really make all of this happen.  

With your help, support and donations, TOGETHER we can "Fix" CNY!

Please donate today to support a new low-cost, high volume spay and neuter clinic. 

Thank you.



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