A sustainable Montessori Education for all

Kenwood Montessori School has been serving Louisville with exceptional programing for 35 years. We are launching this capital campaign to purchase a building!

A fundraising campaign for Kenwood Montessori School

Over the past 35 years of operation, Kenwood Montessori School has operated our program at five different locations. We have gone through the leasing, packing and relocation process 4 times. While these transitions have been exciting, it has also has taken tremendous organization, energy, volunteer hours and staff dedication to pack, unpack and resettle into new buildings and locations. With the success and sustainability of our program, our incredible parent and community support, our exceptional teaching staff and our strong leadership we are ready to find a permanent location.  

In order for us to continue to provide the most affordable Montessori education in Louisville for all populations, we would like to ask for your support and investment in the children of the greater metro Louisville area. We would like to ask you to partner with us on this journey to find, purchase and move for the last time! Your investment not only will support our current students, families and community as a whole, it will support future generations. From all of the students, families, staff and teachers of KMS, we thank you for your consideration and donation!  

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About the Organization

Kenwood Montessori School

Kenwood Montessori School was founded 35 years ago by a parent who wanted a Montessori early childhood education for her own child. We now serve 70 students and their families in the greater metro Louisville area. Our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing environment with an educational purpose. Our diverse group of educators are Montessori certified or in the process of becoming certified in Montessori. We actively provide dual-language instruction in both English and Spanish. We are governed by a non-partisan board of directors. Our school is open to children of every race, creed, and nationality. We serve students age 22 months through age 5 and their families.