A New Tractor for VINE Sanctuary

Help buy a vital piece of equipment that helps us care for 600+ animals.

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Winter in Vermont is always challenging, but this year has been particularly difficult. The temperature swings (from frigid to record-breaking warm) and higher-than-usual ice load have been rough on everyone, animals and staff alike.

Making conditions even more challenging was the fact that our smaller tractor – lovingly referred to as 'Little Kubota' – just couldn't handle the super cold temperatures and quit for good.

Before the end, our small tractor could be found any time of the day:

  • hauling load after load of manure to the waste pile,
  • carrying bucketful after bucketful of dirty bedding to the compost heap,
  • moving 50lb sacks of grain and feed around the sanctuary,
  • delivering bucketfuls of donated fruits and vegetables to the back pasture,
  • and being a dependable friend helping staff get around on rough terrain.

We have seven coops, two large barns, and several other outbuildings that need to be cleaned every day, spread over 60 acres. Little Kubota has been an integral part of these chores.

We have used it at least six hours a day, every single day of the year, for many years.

Without our small tractor, however, these chores have been extraordinarily difficult. Without it, we're working extremely hard, performing demanding tasks in tough conditions (such as hauling water on foot over the ice), and that's taking a toll on us all.

Now that we have lost this small tractor, we desperately need the 'new to us' Little Kubota pictured below. It's a vital piece of equipment for us.


Please help us buy a new small tractor by making a generous donation today.

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About the Organization

VINE Sanctuary is an ecofeminist and LGBTQ-led farmed animal refuge in Springfield, VT. While caring for more than 500 nonhuman animals at our solar-powered site, we work to undermine the social and structural sources of animal exploitation and to promote a plant-based agricultural economy that will be healthy for people and the planet.