Be The Light

$25 match for every donation

A fundraising campaign for TriCity Family Services

When a mental health, personal, or family crisis happens, the world can seem very dark.

For hundreds of children, adults and families, TriCity Family Services is a light in the darkness that helps illuminate a way to move forward.  Over 100 people call to request counseling services at our agency every single month.  In the past year, we increased our counseling cases 36%.  Across agency programs our service numbers increased in nearly every area.  We continue to rise to meet demand and we continue to be the light for thousands of people each year. 

For those who would not otherwise be able to afford quality mental health services, this light means even more.

At TriCity Family Services, we ensure that no one is ever denied services based on an inability to pay.  For more than five decades, it has been this spirit of accessibility, service and compassion that has given us strength and continuous light, in the face of every obstacle.  We have done this through your light of philanthropy, your grace, and your spirit of giving.  

With the help of supporters like you, we remain faithfully committed to the opinion that good mental and emotional health are integral to maintaining our community’s quality of life. 


Please choose to be the light to those we serve and make a gift to TriCity Family Services today.

    Be the light for

        a family in need

        troubled teens teetering on the edge.

        a recent widow sitting in an empty house. 

        a couple desperate to save their marriage.

        neighbors in need. 

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness.  Only light can do that."  - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

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