TRICA: From Vision to Fruition

After 10 years in the making, TRICA's Center for Learning and the Arts will open soon with your help. Now is the most meaningful time ever to make a donation.

A final community campaign to open TRICA

"Since 2007 we have quietly and persistently made every effort with this great capital project. The time has now arrived to turn to my noble friends, families and community to build a legendary & catalytic wave of online bring this vision to fruition and make it all count."

-Jon Swarthout, TRICA Founder

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About the Organization

TRICA: Treasure Valley Institute for Children's Arts

The community has experienced the value of TRICA over the last 23 years and we currently impact up to 3,000 children annually throughout the Treasure Valley. By having a home of its own, TRICA will be able to conservatively triple the number of children it inspires by expanding existing programs and launching new ones - all in response to community demand. The center will be a platform for teacher training and curriculum, provide classroom spaces for dance, music, studio art, theater, and more, facilitate children’s performances, host community events, and offer an art-enhanced full-schedule after school program.