In Memory - Sylvia Schrock Scott

Sylvia was a lifelong advocate for the needy and underserved.

A fundraising campaign for AIDS Services of Austin
Sylvia Claire Schrock ScottAugust 21, 1935 - February 14, 2019
Sylvia Scott was a consummate and dynamic person who championed many causes throughout her life, and she always had the best interests of those who needed help in their lives and who were underserved. She was a champion of early childhood education in the 1960's and 70's through her Sunday column, "Little Things of Value" in the Jackson Clarion-Ledger. She was an advocate for the hearing impaired through her work with the Mississippi School for the Deaf working with the Mississippi Legislature to assure funding to support education for the hearing impaired. 
In 1995, her advocacy work turned to people who were HIV positive after her son Paul nearly died in 1994. She and her husband Bill started a statewide organization in Mississippi for parents of HIV positive children. Sylvia channeled her activism before the Mississippi Legislature where she successfully advocated for funding for HIV medications.
On behalf of the Scott family, we thank you for your gift in memory of her advocacy. Your gift will be a living memorial to her life work and belief to help those that were less fortunate or needed a hand up to be successful. Your gift will support ASA's Moody Medical Clinic to provide primary care and HIV care to persons affected by HIV in the Central Texas community.
Thank you for your loving contribution that will continue to bring life to so many that Sylvia would have loved to have helped herself.
Your charitable contribution if scheduled or processed from 2/26/2019 - 3/1/2019 (6 pm CST) will receive a match from the Amplify Austin campaign and St. David's Foundation.
  • Contributions made between 2/26/2019-2/28/2019 (6 pm CST) will be scheduled but will receive a match. Your contribution will be run on 3/1/2019 through Amplify Austin
  • Contributions made between 2/28/2019 (6 pm CST) and 3/1/2019 (6 pm CST)
  • Contributions after 3/1/2019 will not be matched but will be received in her memory

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It has been 30 years since AIDS first appeared as an emerging disease and we have been responding to this evolving epidemic in Central Texas for 25 of them. As we have grown and become the largest AIDS Services Organization (ASO) in Central Texas, we have come to realize the importance of defining the core values that govern our work. ASA's core values that we live by are: adaptability, collaboration, diversity, integrity, and respect.

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