Honor Petey Jones and his '71 Titans Legacy!

Let's create a college scholarship in Titan Legend Petey Jones' honor for a 2019 Titan with financial need!

A fundraising campaign for Scholarship Fund of Alexandria

Petey Jones, a member of the historic '71 Titans Football Team of 'Remember the Titans' fame, represents the inclusiveness that defines our Alexandria City Public Schools system.  Mr. Jones has worked at T.C. Williams for 29 years as a School Security Officer, continuing to foster unity among the students and staff. T.C. Principal Pete Balas says Jones is a Titan in the truest sense of the word.

“He has devoted much of his life to T.C. Williams High School and has formed many great relationships with staff and students. He has been here to inspire and guide our students with compassion, integrity and kindness. I am always astounded when visitors come to T.C. to see the school memorialized in Hollywood history and have time to interact with Petey and talk about our school and its rich history. Petey is always generous with his time and wisdom with our guests, often leaving them in tears of emotion and joy,” said Balas.

Please show your appreciation for Petey Jones and the groundbreaking role he played in the development of T.C Williams High School with a 100% tax deductible gift in his honor to award a college scholarship in his name to a member of the T.C. Williams Class of 2019 who has financial need.

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About the Organization

Scholarship Fund of Alexandria

Thanks to the generosity of our local community, The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria (SFA) is committed to
ensuring ALL Alexandria students have the opportunity to attend college and achieve success. We provide scolarships and college & financial aid advising to help make that success become reality. Since 1986 The Scholarship Fund has awarded over $16 million in college scholarships to 4,750 Alexandria students. Each year we award $1 million in scholarships to T.C. Williams High School graduates with financial need. And, importantly, provide financial assistance to many students throughout all four years of college to make graduation and a degree truly attainable. But with two out of three students at T.C. Williams High School living near or below the poverty level, each year the demand for scholarships far exceeds SFA's ability to provide them.

THIS YEAR COVID-19 caused the CANCELLATION of our Spring Fundraising Gala. The economic impacts of COVID will have the greatest impact on our local families with financial need. Alexandria students need YOUR support now more than...

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