Community in action is what CVOEO is all about.

How do we do it? A compassionate and tireless staff who makes every effort to help our neighbors bridge gaps and build strong futures. An engaged board, representing a spectrum of the community. Hundreds of partners from the business and nonprofit sectors who collaborate with us in myriad ways. Not hundreds, but thousands of volunteers. And you, our donors.

We are most fortunate at CVOEO to do this work, and we are rich beyond measure to do this work with you.

In 2017 we served over 20,000 individuals in crisis. More than 2,900 of that number were children under the age of 11. More than 3,200 were over the age of 70. 9,409 were races other than Caucasian, almost three times the number we served the year before. 2,273 had post-secondary education. We are all in these numbers.

They don’t all come with a crisis. They also come for help with a business plan to start their own business, or to improve their credit score, to understand their responsibilities as tenants, or for help filing taxes. They come to build a stronger future.

One of the interns who worked in our Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program summed up his time with us this way:

"While filling out renter rebate forms, it alarmed me to see that, in many cases, people were paying rent that equaled almost half of their yearly income. I can say with complete confidence that out of all the individuals I worked with, not one could be deemed lazy...Their personal character and dedication to both their employment and the community were not represented by the numbers that appeared on their paycheck."

When you make a donation to support our work, you're pulling against poverty - you're making a stronger and healthier community for us all.  

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About the Organization

Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity

Formed in 1965 to carry out the Economic Opportunity Act, CVOEO is one of five community action agencies serving Vermonters. With 150 employees, 1,100 volunteers, and 18 locations throughout the Champlain Valley region, we provide vital services to over 23,000 individuals every year. As a multi-service organization CVOEO programs are varied and address a full spectrum of community needs.