Niagara Fund ~ Student Experience

Pay it Forward by Giving Back

A fundraising campaign for Niagara University

Every Dollar Makes a Difference

The Niagara Fund has always been a vital component to the functionality of our campus and makes an immediate impact that our students, faculty and staff feel every day. Now more than ever, we rely on the generosity of our donors in support of the Niagara Fund to ensure we can keep up with the demands in higher education while maintaining our core mission of serving others.

Every gift to Niagara University makes a difference. No matter how much you give, every dollar works hard to provide important resources and enhancements to the student experience!  Niagara Fund support provides a key part of Niagara's success each year and impacts many areas you love on campus. This generosity helps instill in our students the confidence in their abilities and themselves, a clarity of direction for their lives after college, and the purpose they were meant to play in the world they inhabit.

We look to you to help us keep our programs and campus running at the most optimal level so our Purple Eagles continue to make big changes once they leave the nest! 

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