Niagara's Day of Giving

Pay it Forward by Giving Back

A fundraising campaign for Niagara University

Purple Prayers, Purple Pride, Purple Strong

In light of all that is happening across the world today, we at Niagara ask you to take a moment and say a Purple Prayer for your neighbors and allow your compassionate Vincentian Spirit to shine bright! This uniqueness that lives within all Purple Eagles - past, present and future - is something special that sets us apart. Through acts of compassion and love, the power of the Vincentian Spirit will spread and really showcase the power of Niagara University. We humbly ask that you harness this power, show your Purple Pride and pay it forward by giving back in any way that you can! Give whatever you can give...prayers, compassion, love, support, supplies, and most importantly, hope.

The Niagara Fund has always been an important component to the functionality of our campus. Due to the changes our campus community has been forced to make as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are relying on the Niagara Fund to ensure we can keep up with the demands of this new way of educating and serving others. It is imperative to our faculty, staff and students that we deliver efficient and reliable communications, and afford a sense of security in what we are capable of during this unprecedented time. We cannot do this alone; we need your help. Let’s come together as a Niagara family and support not only each other, but our community, our students and their futures.  Together, we are Purple Strong!  

Your actions will inspire others and help create generations of true-hearted Vincentians that embody these virtues and selflessly give back to those in need. Help us honor St. Vincent de Paul and celebrate the man who showed us how to truly pay it forward by giving back.

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