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Mia is a 6 month old puppy and we believe she is a German Shepherd mix.  This poor girl is sadly another victim of the parvovirus epidemic that is plaguing our community.  It's so unfair that puppies like Mia get such a difficult start in life.  At this point however, Mia is ahead of the game in that she has survived until now, but we are unsure of the fate of her littermates.  So time is imperative for Mia.  Treatment had to begin immediately.  


When a Syracuse City Dog Control Officer (DCO) picked up this young girl, they quickly drove her to the Veterinary Medical Center (VMC), where testing confirmed that she was positive for the virus.  Without treatment, this is a death sentence.  


The problem of space in our veterinary hospitals and clinics continues.  Since VMC did not have space for her, the search began to find a place that could take her in order to start the necessary treatment.  Thankfully, we were able to keep her here locally. Liverpool Animal Village Hospital stepped up and Mia was taken there immediately.  


As with everything, treatment comes at a cost.  Without an organization to take responsibility for her care, she would have been euthanized.  When Animal Alliance of Greater Syracuse (AAGS) was contacted to ask if we would take Mia on as a participant in our Leg Up program, knowing that time was of the essence, our Board of Directors voted quickly with a resounding YES.  After all, Mia is only a young pup.  She has the potential for such an amazing life ahead of her.  How could we say no?  Plus, we were confident that you, our dedicated supporters, feel the same way we do.  Mia deserves a chance at a long, healthy life with a loving family.  It's not her fault that this completely preventable disease made it into her little body.  If only Mia's doggy momma had been vaccinated, Mia would likely not even be sick.   


YOU can make a difference for all the animals in CNY! In this case, it’s for Mia's life.  


Please donate today to the “ParvoPup Mia” campaign to help provide her with the medical care she needs, and the life she so very much deserves. 


For information on this completely preventable virus, click on this link:


Thank you! 

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