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A fundraising campaign for Longview, an Ithacare Community

Thanks in part to the generosity of our donors, Longview is able to provide a high-quality program of housing, personal care and support to the residents at Longview. In fact, in 2018, 61 percent of enhanced and assisted living residents at Longview received financial assistance, partially through gifts from our supporters. Included in our care and support

services, Longview offers transportation to all its residents using our handicapped accessible bus.

In 2018, Longview took more than 175 trips transporting nearly 1,700 residents! Longview’s transportation service enables each resident to engage in a multitude of community activities and events including attending sporting events, music and theater performances, voting, the library, farmers markets and makes essential trips to the grocery store. Transportation is key to a high quality of life and transportation is one of the many advantages to living in our community.

“I feel blessed to have [Longview] transportation to take us places. I’m not sure how I would get what I need without it – I might not go anywhere at all if it weren’t for Longview,” said Rosetta, Longview resident.

However, Longview’s transportation services are in jeopardy. After 15 years of vigorous use, Longview’s bus is repeatedly in need of repairs, is often out of service and needs to be replaced. A new bus is estimated to cost $56,000. It is my hope that you will give to our vehicle fund as many residents are not able to drive themselves or do not feel safe doing so given the often inclement weather and hilly terrain of our community. This, coupled with health-related concerns, are why so many rely heavily on Longview for transportation.

“Utilizing Longview’s transportation allows residents the freedom to maintain an active lifestyle. It also helps maintain social connections and has therapeutic benefits,” said Breelan Nash, Recreation Director.

While we are hopeful that you will consider giving to Longview’s residents in support of Longview’s Vehicle Fund this holiday season, please know that no matter where you allocate your gift you will be helping to enhance the lives of seniors who are in need. Longview is a registered 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization. Your donation is deductible to the full extent of the current tax law. Gifts may also be made in honor or in memorial of a loved one! Thank you kindly in advance for your consideration.

Gratefully Yours,

Monica Molina

President, Longview Resident Council

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Longview, an Ithacare Community

Longview is a residential community for individuals age 55+ located in the Finger Lakes overlooking Cayuga Lake offering Independent Living, Assisted Living and Enhanced Care.