2019 Spring Appeal

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A fundraising campaign for Math Circles of Chicago

May marked the closings of Math Circles of Chicago's spring sessions across the city. As the school year ends, MC2 will have supported 580 students from across Chicago at seven sites in the 2018-19 school year.

That’s 11,310 hours of free, unique math enrichment programing that equips children to excel in STEM fields in college and beyond. Learning in Math Circles goes way beyond the classroom experience, with lesson plans that are cooperative, fun and accessible to all.

Math Circles of Chicago exposes children to effective math instruction and an interesting approach to mathematics. By participating in MC2, children’s self-identity shifts so that they see themselves as doers of math, ‘enjoyers’ of math.

Math Circles of Chicago programs are free of charge and chosen at accessible sites across the city. Please consider donating today so that we can continue to provide this incomparable math experience to students across Chicago.

AND, did you know that you can start your own fundraiser? YOU can create a fundraising page and become a fundraiser to help create opportunities for all children across Chicago to develop a passion for mathematics.

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If you prefer to pay by check please mail it to:
Math Circles of Chicago
1034 N. Wells, Chicago IL 60610

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About the Organization

Math Circles of Chicago

Math Circles of Chicago creates opportunities for all children across Chicago to develop a passion for mathematics.

Math Circles of Chicago achieves its mission by providing free, unique math enrichment programs for 5th–12th grade students of diverse backgrounds.