Cash for Clifford

Clifford needs a Leg Up!

A fundraising campaign for Animal Alliance of Greater Syracuse

We apologize for the recent disruption in this fundraiser.  Thank you for your understanding and we hope you will continue to send Clifford positive thoughts and prayers as he continues to heal.  

Thank you for visiting our campaign "Cash for Clifford."


This handsome boy, now named Clifford, had been wandering the streets for several days when he was struck by a bus. A Syracuse City Dog Control Officer (DCO) quickly drove him to the Veterinary Medical Center (VMC), where he was stabilized and made comfortable with pain medication.


Upon extensive examination, VMC found that Clifford had an open fracture of both the tibia and fibula of his broken left, hind leg, meaning the bone was exposed and visible. In addition, his left front leg was also fractured but the skin was not broken. Poor Clifford. His left side endured a great deal of trauma during the accident. 


As information trickles in, it appears that this sweet boy may have been dumped on the streets to fend for himself. Sadly, this proved to be too much for him and now Clifford is likely facing amputation of his left hind leg and repair of the fracture of his left front leg. In an instant, Clifford’s life changed. His damaged front leg will need a solid repair with ample time to heal properly in order to be strong enough to provide support following the amputation.


To make matters worse, we were unable to find a local Orthopedic Surgeon that could take on his case. Ultimately, we reached out to Cornell and thankfully, they said yes so off to Cornell he goes!


All of this, however, comes with a high price tag, as you can imagine. Animal Alliance of Greater Syracuse (AAGS) was contacted to ask if we would take Clifford on as a participant in our Leg Up program. With all of the details in hand, and knowing what this poor dog has been through, it was a resounding YES from our board! This young boy needs our help. While we know the cost of his care is going to be high, we have come to know that you, our dedicated supporters, feel the same way we do. This sweet, belly rub-loving, young dog deserves to have a second chance. He’s been let down once already by his previous owner. We can’t and won’t let him down again. 


YOU can make a difference for all the animals in CNY! In this case, it’s for Clifford’s life.  


Please donate today to the “Cash for Clifford” campaign to help provide him with the medical care he needs, and the life he so very much deserves. 


Thank you! 

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