716 Champions League- 2017

Empowering youth. Building community.

A fundraising event for Algonquin Sports For Kids

Event Information


October 14th, 2017
At Sportsplex
(90 Ridge Rd, North Tonawanda, NY 14120)

"I like it because it's a way for all the other kids, who maybe can't afford the expensive programs, to come together and play soccer... they've been teaching us about how many hours to sleep at night, how much glasses of water to drink, and good portions of food to eat...near where I live I see a lot of young kids starting to smoke. They're like oh you should come smoke a cigarette and I'm like no I gotta go to soccer." - Devin, Buffalo Soccer Club player age 12

The Buffalo Soccer Club (BSC) creates a safe environment for over 1,500 young players, like Devin, across the Buffalo and Erie County community. BSC provides these young athletes the opportunity to participate in the game of soccer while learning about healthy behaviors and life skills that will enable them to become strong, productive members of our community. Buffalo Soccer Club believes that sports, when done with the intention of developing the person first, can greatly impact a person's future choices and success. Your support of the 716Champions League will enable young players in underserved areas across our community the opportunity and access to play, learn, and grow!

How can you help support Buffalo Soccer Club?


Team captains can represent their favorite English Premier League team, both on and off the field by registering and recruiting teammates. Teams have the opportunity to win the fundraising trophy and the tournament trophy!

Become a player, and choose your team. Or, you can register as a fan by leaving the team blank and raising within your circle.  

Want to be a Team Captain in 2017 and see your favorite team represented

 - contact Lauren at Lauren.Pristach@algonquinsports.org

Sponsor Someone: Find your favorite team or player and earmark your donation, helping them compete for the fundraising trophy.

SHOUT OUT to all the team captains and players who have signed up to show their support for Buffalo Soccer Club! The following teams have been started!


Manchester United


Chelsea FC

Newcastle United


West Ham

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About the Organization

Algonquin Sports For Kids

Algonquin Sports for Kids is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a dedicated approach to the development of youth sports programs in the City of Buffalo.
The staff and volunteers who make all of Algonquin Sports for Kids' programs and activities possible truly believe that sports-based youth development programs in after-school environments and in the communities where our players live have the power to keep children safe, inspire success among youth, and the motivation to be change leaders. The investment of time and resources into community-based programs like ours are powerful weapons in the fight against juvenile delinquency, childhood obesity, and our country's persistently high school drop-out crisis.

Algonquin Sports for Kids is particularly focused on the coach-mentor model of coaching and training. We train our coaches to develop relationship with players and their teams, focusing on having a fun-loving, sportsman-like attitude about their sport.