40 Days & 40 Nights of Giving

When #Basically40 becomes #Actually40, you give back to the organization where you spent the majority of your 30s.

A fundraising campaign for SA2020

I'm turning 40 on 9/22/18, and SA2020 is turning 8 on 9/25/18. Hence...40 days and 40 nights to raise $10,040 for SA2020. (We've got through September 25 to make it happen.)

I volunteered as a table facilitator for one of San Antonio's most successful community engagement processes just after I turned 32. This is an actual shot from the public meeting at St. Mary's in late 2010.

Yes, I'm aware what I look like. It was a different time. I wore bracelets and fuzzy scarves and dangly earrings. My hair went down instead of up. (Oh hey! That's Shari Albright in the lower corner, and Celina Montoya in the background! Hi, y'all! Glad to see y'all are still doing the thing!)

By the end of this process, nearly 6,000 people had drafted their vision for the future of our city, prioritizing indicators we would use to track our progress. And instead of just hoping it happened, in San Antonio, we made sure we had someone to hold us accountable. Thus, SA2020, the nonprofit organization was founded.

Today, I work with an amazing team of humans, and SA2020 drives progress toward a shared vision for a thriving San Antonio. With more than 150 nonprofit, corporate, foundation, and public partners, SA2020 leads a growing coalition of institutions who are committed to organizational change, collectively moving the needle on San Antonio's shared goals. In fact, as of 2018, 70% of the indicators our community prioritized are moving in the right direction, and there is still so much more work to do.

Your gift to me is a gift to SA2020. It will help us continue to report on community indicators, inform and activate the public, and align even more efforts toward our shared goals. Stay with the chosen levels - which are done in fun - or give what you can. (I think there's a $5 minimum, and I would be ever so thankful for that, too.)

If you're donating here, it's likely 'cause we've crossed paths at some point. THANK YOU for helping make me make the last 39 years so awesome. Here's to #Basically50!

Thank you for helping me do the thing!


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